miercuri, 13 aprilie 2016

Road tire width dimension


I searched on the Internet to find relevant information about the real tire dimensions mounted on different rims. Yes, are plenty information out there but not the needed one. So I choose to measure myself the tires that I have.

Those are the results:

700x28c Continental Grand Prix 4000S II (front): 29.40mm
Mounted on Giant PR-2 rim (20.73mm external rim widthl), pressure 7.7 bars (110 PSI)

700x25c Mavic Yksion Pro GripLink (front): 26mm width
700x25c Mavic Yksion Pro PowerLink (rear): 26mm width
Both are mounted on Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels (17 mm internal rim width), pressure 7.7 bars (110 PSI)

700x25c Mavic Yksion Elite Guard (front and rear): 24.5mm width
Both are mounted on Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Exalith wheels (13 mm internal rim width, 19mm external), pressure 7.7 bars (110 PSI).

700x23c Hutchinson Atom Comp (front and rear): 23mm width
Both are mounted on DT Swiss RR585 (RR1.2) rims (14 mm internal rim width, 19.5mm external), pressure 8.7 bars (125 PSI)

sâmbătă, 2 aprilie 2016

Aero wheels don't like cross wind gusts

A well known rule said the aero wheels don't like cross wind gusts. Well, I tested on me, and yes, it's true!

Yes, I know... There is no wind in the photo, but was much in the open road
At 22 km/h constant cross wind speed with gusts exceeding 28 km/h, was a nightmare ride. You may ask why I chose those wheels if I knew the weather forecast. Well, from my home window I see only a tiny waft.

So, I learned a lesson on my own. Before ride, read the fucking forecast and look for the wind even if it is beautiful outside!!!

vineri, 5 februarie 2016

Cate calorii contin glucidele, proteinele, lipidele si alcoolul?

Caloriile eliberate prin ardere de catre alimentele consumate:
  • 1 gram de glucide – 4 cal
  • 1 gram de proteine – 4 cal
  • 1 gram de lipide – 9 cal
  • 1 gram de alcool – 7 cal
O alimentatie echilibrata ar trebui sa respecte aproximativ urmatoarea proportie:
  • 25-35% din calorii trebuie sa fie din proteine
  • 15-25% din calorii trebuie sa fie din lipide
  • 45-55% din calorii trebuie sa fie din glucide
Aceste proportii difera in functie de tipul de metabolism avut dar si de activitatile fizice derulate. Evident, in cazul unei diete in vederea atingerii unei greutati optime, sfatul cel mai avizat (si singurul de care ar trebui sa tineti cont) este al unui nutritionist sau endocrinolog.
Trebuie retinut faptul ca surplusul de proteine este eliminat din organism pe cale renala pe cand surplusul de lipide si glucide se stocheaza in organism la nivelul tesutului adipos!

marți, 26 ianuarie 2016

Garmin Vivofit 2 and autosync issue.

After digging a lot and spent much time on the Internet I found this explanation on Garmin site regarding the autosync issues. So, the conditions that must be meet are the followings:

The vivofit 2 will autosync to your compatible smartphone once you reach 2000 steps within 60 minutes1 or after an activity is recorded.
In addition the following requirements must be met as well.
  • The device must be in its normal page loop, not on the sleep page.
  • The device will not sync when using HRM or in an activity.
  • The device will only sync to connections that have successfully paired in the past.
The vivofit 2 will time out after 8 seconds when trying to autosync, or 30 seconds for the manual sync. By default the device will attempt only 8 auto-syncs per day, regardless of success or failure.
1This count resets after every successful sync, manual or auto.

Original Garmin post here.