duminică, 18 august 2019

Goddess of metal voices

Searching on Internet I tried to categorize the well known female voices. The order is alphabetic.
  1. Agnete M. Kirkevaag - dramatic mezzo soprano
  2. Alissa White-Gluz - mezzo soprano with death growl capabilities (?!?)
  3. Amanda Somerville - alto/contralto
  4. Amy Lee - lyric mezzo soprano
  5. Anette Olzon - lyric mezzo soprano
  6. Anneke van Giersbergen - light lyric soprano (early), mezzo soprano (now)
  7. Annlouise Legoland - dramatic soprano
  8. Catherine Paulsen - spinto soprano
  9. Chaoss Heidi - lyric coloratura soprano
  10. Christina Scabbia - lyric mezzo soprano
  11. Dianne van Giesbergen - dramatic soprano
  12. Floor Jansen - dramatic soprano
  13. Heidi Parviainen - lyric soprano
  14. Helen Iren Michaelsen - spinto or dramatic soprano
  15. Jill Janus - coloratura soprano - Rest in peace and rock hard up there! 
  16. Clémentine Delauney - mezzo soprano
  17. Laura Macrì - light lyric soprano
  18. Liv Kristine - light soprano
  19. Lori Lewis - lyric coloratura soprano
  20. Magali Lyuten - dramatic mezzo soprano
  21. Manda Ophuis - lyric soprano ( absolutely not sure if full or light)
  22. Manuella Kraller - spinto soprano
  23. Marcela Bovio - light lyric mezzo-soprano (maybe even lyric coloratura soprano)
  24. Mariangela Demurtas - lyric mezzo soprano
  25. Melissa Feerlak - lyric coloratura soprano
  26. Päivi "Capri" Virkkunen - full lyric soprano
  27. Sharon den Adel - light lyric soprano
  28. Simone Simmons - soubrette or lyric coloratura (on first two albums), now light lyric mezzo soprano
  29. Tarja Turunen - full lyric soprano
  30. Vibeke Stene - light lyric soprano
Dear symphonic metal fans, do not hesitate to post your suggestions or any other information that's on topic.

joi, 20 iunie 2019

Good and worse labels. Vinyl related...


Typically good quality labels (better than Cd):
Cisco, Mobile Fidelity, Analogue Productions, Audio Fidelity, Speaker's Corner, Sony, Columbia, Heavenly Sweetness, Music on Vinyl (MOV), Third Man Records, Rhino, Quality Record Pressing (QRP), Sundazed, Universal, Mobile Fidelity Silver Label, Music Matters, Speakers Corner, Reference Recordings, Pure Pleasure, IMPEX, ORG, Mosaic, Cesky, ACT, ECM, Stockfish, Linn, Groove Note, Inakustik, Master Music, Sam Records, Decca (until 80's), Deutche Gramophone, Analogphonic, APO records, STS

Inconstant quality:
Back to Black, 4 Men With Beard (4MWB)

Labels that produce low quality LP, worse than Cd:
DOL, Doxy, ZYX, Vinyl Lovers, Simply Vinyl, Abraxas, Tapestry, Abkco, Friday Music, Get Back, Vinyl Magic (VM - BTF), Lilith, Akarma. Skorpio, Ermitage, Not Now Music, Jazz Tracks Records, Jazz Beat, 52nd Street Records, Doxy Music, ZYX, Jazz Wax Records, Wax Time

Guys, do not hesitate to give feedback based on your vinyl experience... :)