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Goddess of metal voices

Searching on Internet I tried to categorize the well known metal female voices. The order is alphabetic.
  1. Agnete M. Kirkevaag - dramatic mezzo soprano
  2. Aleah Starbridge - light lyric soprano - R.I.P. and rock hard up there!
  3. Alissa White-Gluz - mezzo soprano with death growl capabilities (?!?)
  4. Amanda Somerville - dramatic alto / contralto
  5. Amy Lee - lyric mezzo soprano
  6. Anette Olzon - lyric mezzo soprano
  7. Anneke van Giersbergen - light lyric soprano (early), mezzo soprano (now)
  8. AnnLouice Lögdlund - dramatic soprano
  9. Caterina Nix - soprano
  10. Catherine Paulsen - spinto soprano
  11. Chaoss Heidi - lyric coloratura soprano
  12. Christina Scabbia - lyric mezzo soprano
  13. Dianne van Giesbergen - dramatic soprano
  14. Emmanuelle Zoldan - mezzo soprano
  15. Floor Jansen - dramatic soprano
  16. Heidi Parviainen - lyric soprano
  17. Heike Langhans -  mezzo soprano
  18. Helen Iren Michaelsen - spinto or dramatic soprano
  19. Jill Janus - coloratura soprano - R.I.P. and rock hard up there! 
  20. Clémentine Delauney - mezzo soprano
  21. Laura Macrì - light lyric soprano
  22. Liv Kristine - light soprano
  23. Lori Lewis - lyric coloratura soprano
  24. Madeleine Liljestam  - soprano
  25. Magali Luyten - dramatic mezzo soprano
  26. Manda Ophuis - lyric soprano (not sure if is light or full)
  27. Manuella Kraller - spinto soprano
  28. Marcela Bovio - light lyric mezzo-soprano (maybe even lyric coloratura soprano)
  29. Margarita Monet - dramatic soprano
  30. Mari Paul - mezzo soprano
  31. Marianne "Madie" Dien - mezzo soprano
  32. Mariangela Demurtas - lyric mezzo soprano
  33. Melissa Feerlak - lyric coloratura soprano
  34. Micky Huijsmans - soprano 
  35. Nicoletta Rosellini - mezzo/alto soprano
  36. Päivi "Capri" Virkkunen - full lyric soprano
  37. Sharon den Adel - light lyric soprano
  38. Simone Simmons - soubrette or lyric coloratura (on first two albums), now light lyric mezzo soprano
  39. Taida Nazraic - lyric soprano
  40. Tarja Turunen - full lyric soprano
  41. Vibeke Stene - light lyric soprano
  42. Ylva Eriksson -  coloratura mezzo soprano
  43. Zoe Marie Federoff - soprano
Dear symphonic metal fans, do not hesitate to post your suggestions or any other information that's on topic.

As a guide, here is the 25 voice types classification in the Fach system.

Type English German Characteristics
Soprano Voice Types Soubrette Spielsopran Young, light, bright

Lyric Coloratura Soprano Lyrischer Koloratursopran High, bright, flexible

Dramatic Coloratura Soprano Dramatischer Koloratursopran High, dark, flexible

Lyric Soprano Lyrischer Sopran Warm, legatto, full

Character Soprano Charaktersopran Bright, metallic, theatrical

Spinto /Young Dramatic Soprano Jugendlich-dramatischer Sopran Powerful, young, full

Dramatic Soprano Dramatischer Sopran Powerful, dark, rich
Mezzo-Soprano Voice Types Coloratura Mezzo-Soprano Coloratura Mezzo-Soprano Agile, rich, bright

Lyric Mezzo-Soprano Lyrischer Mezzosopran Strong, flexible, lachrymose

Dramatic Mezzo-Soprano Dramatischer Mezzosopran Rich, powerful, imposing
Contralto Voice Types Dramatic Alto Dramatischer Alt Powerful, full, metallic

Low Contralto Tiefer Alt Low, full, warm
Tenor Voice Types Countertenor Contratenor High, agile, powerful

Lyric Tenor Lyrischer Tenor Soft, warm, flexible

Acting Tenor Spieltenor Flexible, theatrical, light

Dramatic Tenor Heldentenor Full, low, stamina

Character Tenor Charaktertenor Bright, powerful, theatrical
Baritone Voice Types Lyric Baritone Lyrischer Bariton Smooth, flexible, sweet

Cavalier Baritone Kavalierbariton Brilliant, warm, agile

Character Baritone Charakterbariton Flexible, powerful, theatrical

Dramatic Baritone Heldenbariton Powerful, full, imposing
Bass Voice Types Character Bass Charakterbass Full, rich, stamina

Acting Bass Spielbass Flexible, agile, rich

Heavy Acting Bass Schwerer Spielbass Full, rich, imposing

Serious Bass Seriöser Bass Mature, rich, powerful

The above classification is based most on info found here but is not the only source I used.
Photo source: Pinterest
The voice type table: http://choirly.com

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